3 common menu suggestions for 6 people or more

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ONE menu

Boiled beef consommé
with vegetable strips,
egg stick and meatballs


Baltic salmon steak
on a fine shrimp ragout
garnished with green asparagus
and parsley potatoes


Dessert variations

€ 48.00

Menu TWO

Fresh tomato soup,
basil pesto and parmesan chips


“Surf & Turf”
Argentinian beef fillet (180g)
with a
king prawn from the grill, grilled zucchini and aubergine gratinated
tomato , frothed
sauce bearnaise
fries wedges with rosemary


Ice & Hot
Vanilla goume ice cream with hot raspberries

€ 55.00

Menu THREE *

Salmon tartare
on beetroot carpaccio
and wasabi cream


Breast or club?
Braised beef with
the Makeruper whole
Brussels sprouts
with bacon
Typical gravy from the goose
dumplings and
parsley potatoes


Punch of punch with cinnamon parpait

€ 49.00

 menu FOUR *

Cream of porcini mushroom soup
with marjoram croutons


Pink roasted barberie duck breast
with orange sauce ,
red cabbage, Brussels sprouts,
macaire potatoes


Two kinds of chocolate mousse
with fresh fruits

€ 48.50