Chronicle of the restaurant “PIET HENNINGSEN”

The year was 1886. A ship carpenter from Flensburg by the name of Reinhold Henningsen had given up Christian seafaring and moved to the house of the baker M.C. Andresen found the right anchorage for his life at ship bridge No. 20.

He became an innkeeper. Not only many strange sailors, but especially the Flensburg sea mechanics felt at home with him. They founded the Flensburger Seemaschinisten-Verein in Reinhold Henningsen’s restaurant, because their profession had developed extraordinarily well with the flourishing of the Flensburg steamship fleet.

Reinhold Henningsen’s son Peter, whom everyone called PIET, was also a marine machinist. But from 1908 the steamers of the Krupp shipping company had to operate without PIET. He had signed off and taken over his father’s inn. His souvenirs from all over the world still decorate the popular restaurant today. Over the years his former seafaring colleagues brought many interesting and valuable pieces with them. PIET’s pride and joy was his talking parrot LORA, who repeatedly triggered salmon volleys when he called after a guest as he left the restaurant: “Did you bet ok?” PIET died in 1928.

Even today people talk about »PIET HENNINGSEN« and admire his souvenirs. The external appearance of his former restaurant has changed little, but the character has changed.

The old meeting place for driving people has turned into a neat dining restaurant that is internationally known far beyond Flensburg’s borders.

The Harder family has been running the Piet Henningsen restaurant since 1991.

Piet Henningsen